Share These Videos Using Your Own Affiliate Links

Are you are an affiliate for my book at Time For My Life, or an affiliate for the My Forward Steps Membership site?

You will love these two video linking and embedding tools to help you share about them, with your friends and your site or blog visitors.

You’ll find all the instructions that you’ll need at Time For My Life Affiliate Video, at this Your Future Life video and at this site for the My Forward Steps Affiliate Video.

My friend Jeffrey D. Peterson, created a terrific service at Link Your Video and I’ve made use of it for two of my products.

You can now use the following three videos to spread the word about my book Time For My Life and about my Membership at My Forward Steps.

For each of those videos you can attach your own, personal affiliate link to the videos when you share them.

You can embed the video’s HTML code or place a single URL, on your own blog or site.

You can choose to set the video to go to the book or membership site after the video finishes playing, or any site you choose!

When the video takes visitors to that new site, your affiliate link will follow it.

The video will open the affiliate sales page in a fresh browser tab so that your original site or blog will stay open for your visitors to return there also.

When a visitor clicks and posts to Twitter or adds it to their Facebook, your affiliate code is automatically attached to those status or wall sharing links too.

The main site for my product’s affiliate information can be found at

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