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Forward Steps Into The New Year

Happy Forward Steps into the New Year everyone. I wish you the most fun and successful year, brighter that you could even imagine!

I also remind you of the NEAR END of my Super Self Improvement Package for you. I do hope you get there before the offer closes for good! :)

Enjoy the dance at my Forward Steps New Year Greeting and… complete the short exercise I have for you, to Set Your Intentions for 2012. It will only take you a few moments. :)

 Forward Steps Happy New Year 

The following lines, list a few of the main intentions that I hold for my 2012…

Continued super good health & high energy for Greg and me.
Greg and I being & feeling completely at ease… being & feeling totally free to do what we want, when we want & with whom we want.
A 3 week vacation in our chosen, super luxurious holiday location for Greg & myself.
Increase of 150% on my 2011 passive income for my Forward Steps Self Improvement sites with fewer hours of “having to be” online, plus an increase of 50% in Greg’s business income (his is lower because he trades time for dollars so we don’t want loads more hours!) – all so that I can further improve on the resources I share at Forward Steps.
At least (and preferably more than) 150% more micro loans than provided by me at in 2011, particularly anything related to women’s education.
Expansion of global “spiritual & emotional intelligence”, especially among our world leaders.
Begin to really see tangible evidence of (and strengthen my belief that I am bringing to fruition), many of the things that I wrote in my “Ten Years Into The Future Exercise” letter during 2011.

The main values I determined for myself, are – freedom, energy, generosity, clarity, fun.

It’s great having those personal values listed. Now when I set a goal & can ask myself how I feel about that in the context of my values…

Is it freeing? Is it high energy? Is it generous? Am I clear? Is it fun?


Forward Steps Self Improvement Bundle

Achieving your 2012 New Year dreams (time sensitive)…

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This present has no strings, no gimmicks, just pure love for you, for our planet and for our world.

How you choose to start this “power year” of 2012 is vital. These next few days hold so much possibility for all of us.

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Don’t squander this turning-point moment …being “busy” is no excuse for failing to meet your destiny and goals. Make the time to at least watch this video.

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You can join in, right up to new year’s day. :)

Wishing You A Happy Christmas And Brilliant New Year

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a brilliant New Year.
To see my special Season’s Greeting for you… JUST CLICK HERE! :)