Best Self Improvement Blog 2011

This Forward Steps Blog has been nominated at the Best Self Improvement Blog 2011 list.

Thank you to the following friends for already voting. They did that by adding a comment at Steven Aitchison’s 2011 blog nominations

Big-Al Connolly – The Fast Food Entrepreneur -&- Julie Henderson – Expect Success Be Unstoppable -&- Annette Pedersen – Annette’s Customer Love -&- Caroline Donnelly – Virtual Assistant -&- Mary Denaro – Catalyst to Spark Your Hidden Potential -&- Anna Weber – Voices In Print -&- Shelley Webb – The Intentional Caregiver™ -&- Mou – no web & comment is here -&- I’ll add more here when I see new votes.

It’s not too late! Hop over to Best Personal Development Blogs 2011 and leave a comment there, which counts as a vote. If I’ve missed you, would you let me know so that I can add you here? Thank you. :)

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  1. 2012/01/06 at 21:00

    @self improvement
    Thanks Diggy. I’ve explored your blog a little too. Nice work. :)

  2. self improvement - upgradereality
    2012/01/06 at 14:06

    Thanks for sharing self improvement blog with us. It is really very encouraging blog. It will help to motivate people.

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