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KindNotes Unique Romantic Gift IdeaIt Is Almost Valentine Day!

If you are looking for a unique romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea, KindNotes offers a very different kind of gift…

KindNotes will impress your recipient with a keepsake jar filled with 31 romantic notes, each enclosed in a linen envelope to be opened each day or anytime they need a smile.

You can choose from their library of more than 500 messages (you can see a sample collection at their website) or, personalize your own with memories or reasons why you love your partner. I thought this was such a cool and different idea, I just had to share it with you.

Enjoy this powerful quote about relationship, and the funny video created by WeWow for Valentine’s Day, plus collect the Forward Steps gifts for you, below the video.

As long as I have the idea in my head “I have a relationship” or “I am in a relationship”, no matter with whom, I suffer. This I have learnt.
With the concept of “relationship” come expectations, memories of past relationships, and further personally and culturally conditioned mental concepts of what a “relationship” should be like. Then I would try to make reality conform to these concepts. And it never does. And again I suffer. The fact of the matter is: there are no relationships. There is only the present moment, and in the moment there is only relating.
How we relate, or rather how well we love, depends on how empty we are of ideas, concepts, expectations. -Kim Eng [Relationships – True Love and the Transcendence of Duality]

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