7 Steps To The Art Of Being Happy

image-Lisa McCourt BookIn this very moment, what do you WANT? Where in your life are you on autopilot? What deeply-buried longing are you hesitant to confess, even to yourself?

According to my brilliant author friend, Lisa McCourt, your desires are the truest indicator of who you authentically ARE …ignoring or denying those desires is denying YOU.

FINALLY, last month, I got my own copy of Lisa’s newest book. Its message is so vibrant & her book is loaded with exercises to increase joy, love and the expansion of your “gutsy self”…

One of my favorite chapters is called Taco-Filling! Taco-Filling is teaching ourselves to BREAK THROUGH the “set points” we all have (that determine just how good we can stand it), so we can stop subconsciously capping the amount of abundance we ALLOW ourselves. 🙂

Lisa’s 7 simple steps will launch you into unprecedented heights of self-adoration!

Get to know yourself in a way most of us routinely avoid.

Follow her 7 STEPS to the art of being happy, here…

Lisa has sold over 5.5 million books about unconditional love and taught her powerful self-love techniques to thousands, in her popular trainings.

To this book, she’s ADDED over $10,000 in prizes and incredible BONUS gifts (including a very special one from me)!
image-ultimate you mind fest 2012

…these six amazing days in June when you can make fast, effort-free changes in your life.

When you register today, you can listen to 14 audio sessions online that are between 20 and 40 minutes – all commercial-free, with no obligation whatsoever, and absolutely free of charge. 🙂

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Life is busy enough. Take less than an hour a day for six days in a row, and see how much better life can be. Begins June 18 and it’s free!

Learn how to remain mentally alert and relaxed through any day of your life.

image-tapping inspirationIN CLOSING, if you’re still not sure about the “tapping thing”…

I think you want to watch this video about how EFT is being used to help a group of people who have gone through some seriously traumatic events.

You’ll be inspired!


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