A Book on Health Wealth and Success

There’s a special book, to which I’ve only just been introduced, titled, “A Great Sage and a Rascal Named Doku: A Book on Health Wealth and Success” which will be available free, from Monday 28th October through to Friday 1st November, 2013 at that link I’ve just provided you – or simply click on the book image below.

Vivek Rajan has written a book meant for people, of all ages and all cultures, who regularly ask themselves, “How do I become a millionaire or how do I get rich?” Many have commented on the fact that this book is worth many times the purchase price.

book cover image of A Great Sage and a Rascal Named Doku: A Book on Health, Wealth and SuccessBy understanding and embracing simple yet profound concepts, we can easily achieve happiness, wealth and success without breaking our backs, ruining physical or mental health.

In this book on health, wealth and success, you will discover the following and much, much more:

– How Spiritual Life and Wealth are truly joined at the hip
– A deadly sliver of doubt that shreds your dreams, drives and ambitions to pieces
– How to make money, it has nothing to do with Wall Street, gold, real estate, sales or marketing
– The virus that corrupts the pristine operating system you were born with and how to kill it
– Going beyond forgiveness, something that will liberate you instantly
– Success in one sentence, the twin peaks of failure and the art of getting the right answers
– Exercising without moving; the role that food, clarity, creativity and sound play in your life
– Do Soul Mates Exist and how to see through the illusion called time management
– The ultimate secret, few know this, and even fewer know how to use it effectively

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Doku now understood quite a few things about the ashram. Chanting was a daily activity that was carried out for a limited period of time. However, once it was over, the disciples continued humming the chant, for it kept them in a happy and blissful state of mind. This was one of the reasons for the great health that they enjoyed.

Copper vessels of all shapes and sizes were found at various places in the ashram. Copper has the ability, to not only absorb maximum amounts of vibrational energy, but also emit this energy that it absorbs, back into the environment. Hence, it has always been the metal of choice for those pursuing a spiritual path.

A bell when struck has the ability to banish thought from the mind and quieten it in an instant, a state of mind that is otherwise difficult to achieve in such a short span of time. The sound it emits keeps insects away, and it also has the ability to connect the left brain and the right brain. However brief the time span of such a connection may be, it is an impressive achievement, for something so humble and so forgotten.

Doku now knew, why the entire ashram and everything that surrounded it, vibrated at such a magical frequency.

Vivek Rajan Vivek has been researching life and people for close to 20 years. He is an engineer, tinkerer, inventor, teacher, mentor, investor, learner, believer, observer and author (first time). He has traveled extensively the world over and loves the open road; genuinely likes people, loves good food and good music.

Vivek Rajan enjoys working with those who are sincerely looking for a better way to live, from all walks of life, all over the world, empowering them to raise their consciousness to the next level.

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