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Explore 27 free personal development gifts from friends of mine. Take your time exploring these, bookmark the site and return regularly to see even more. These gifts are often updated.

Remember to revisit recent ‘extras’ emails. Plus, check out your Forward Steps selections too.

Bookmark this site and revisit, often. To open each positive gift below, simply click on its image:

I have so many quality personal development gifts to share, that I’m finding it a challenge to get them all to you on time.

That is why I created this special page, to which you can return time and time again.

Explore the many and varied tools, programs and events that I have collated for you.

These events, ebooks and programs are free and generally in the form of downloads, video series, audios or online presentations.

Alongside your regular 365 Forward Steps Notes, I also send you extra notices about events, ebooks or programs that are enriching. Those are from sources which I trust, and usually those authors are friends.

If you arrived here and you are not receiving those Forward Steps Notes, then add your details for my free ebook, in the form at the top of this free personal development gifts page.

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So many great quality free personal development gifts! Enjoy this collection. #forwardsteps http://www.forwardstepsblog.com/free-personal-development-gifts

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