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Below are affiliate programs to which I am subscribed & recommend to you.

These affiliate programs are not listed in any order & each are my 2nd-tier affiliate URL…

affiliate programs - a bug free mind1. A Bug Free Mind – offers Andy Shaw’s Starter Kit including: his world-famous “No-Mind Exercise”, the “ABC Guide to a Legendary Life”, a step-by step guide to “Tap the Magical Power of Your Subconscious On Demand”, and more.
affiliate programs - deep origins2. Deep Origins – founded by Amish Shah, is committed to harnessing unconventional scientific and spiritual wisdom to align ourselves with our infinite potentials… and spark massive change. For ourselves, our loved ones & the planet.
affiliate programs - Clickbank3. Clickbank – since 1998, has helped 10s of 1000s of people gain more financial control and freedom by turning their knowledge, passions, hobbies and work experiences into an additional source of income. Receive tools, training and access to a global network.
affiliate programs - Forward Steps4. Forward Steps – publishes and promotes positive, empowering, upbeat, self growth content. Share many self improvement and positive, personal development collections, designed for adding wings to our unique life journey!
affiliate programs - Brain Evolution5. Brain Evolution – is the official affiliate program of BrainEv, Nitrofocus, Brain Salon and Sleep Salon. Brain Evolution System™ (or BrainEv), is a 6-level program for mastering the brain. Relaxing, beautifully-crafted, brainwave meditation recordings.
affiliate programs - John Assaraf6. John Assaraf – at NeuroGym, has a suite of products and programs to help individuals and business owners grow and thrive financially, and overcome fears and procrastination that are stopping them from achieving their highest potential.
affiliate programs - Mind Body Training7. Mind Body Training – rapid results with the law of attraction, raise your energetic vibration, lower your stress, learn to meditate or clear your inner blocks, to reach your next level. Start using that positive energy to create your desired life.
affiliate programs - Lose The Back Pain8. Lose The Back Pain – if you have back-pain or want to improve your health, look through their products because they are found to be highly effective. Includes digital downloads, physical products, information & even nutritional supplements.
affiliate programs - Quantum Success Coaching9. Quantum Success Coaching – join Christy Whitman’s program to become a Quantum Success Law of Attraction Coach. Expand your consciousness in every way possible & experience more of the potential that lies within your being at every level.
affiliate programs - 9 Manifesting Tools10. 9 Manifesting Tools – create your ideal life by liberating your mind from chains of unconscious thinking, with this simple & practical package. Achieve radical life improvement with these 9 powerful manifesting habits and tools …guaranteed.
affiliate programs - iTHINK:11. iTHINK: – Change Your Perception, Change Your Life is a brand new movie & features some of the most respected thought leaders, authors, and experts on the topics of how our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions manifest into the experiences in our lives.
affiliate programs - Healing With The Masters12. Healing With The Masters – dramatically change the lives of your readers through a powerful program. Share what 500,000+ people in 230 countries have experienced for the last 14 seasons. Incredible workshops, delivering access to master teachers.
affiliate programs - Enlightened Manifestor13. Enlightened Manifestor – feel amazing when you help others learn how to manifest more abundance, confidence, energy and personal freedom! This awesome online experience is bringing an enlightened state of consciousness, around the globe.
affiliate programs - Mind Movies14. Mind Movies – a fun, digital video vision board filled with positive affirmations, inspiring images and motivating music. Watching a mind movie everyday makes materializing your greatest passions & desires into your life fast, fun and easy.
affiliate programs - Mind Power MP3s15. Mind Power MP3s – free music mp3s with special frequencies that induce natural highs and improve your psychic abilities and your health. The more you hear this beautiful music, the more the 2 hemispheres of your brain work together.
affiliate programs - Mindvalley16. Mindvalley – includes some of the biggest programs in the personal growth industry including the Silva Life System, Science of Getting Rich, Quantum Jumping & Philosophers Notes. At Mindvalley, personal growth and spirituality is their niche.
affiliate programs - Make A Difference17. Make A Difference – motivational, inspirational movies; entertaining and informative acknowledgment products, inspirational books and programs that make a difference for business, schools, organizations and churches.
affiliate programs - Self Development18. Self Development – is the leading resource for self-development products for improving all aspects of your life and covers all the topics you want to know about, hypnosis, NLP, relaxation, personal improvement, weight loss and more.
affiliate programs - Manifestation Breakthrough Kit19. Manifestation Breakthrough Kit – was created by Law of Attraction expert and Author, Heather Matthews. Includes a special report, a short video & an mp3 audio file. Brain entrainment technology combined with abundant affirmations.
affiliate programs - Simple Truths20. Simple Truths – less is almost always more. This “simple truth” is the foundation on which this company was built. Mac Anderson wanted to create beautiful gift books that anyone can read in less than thirty minutes. Enjoy their powerful videos too.
affiliate programs - Share A Sale21. Share A Sale – has been in business for 13 years, exclusively as an affiliate marketing network. It hosts 3,900+ affiliate programs spanning 40 different categories, with an extensive list of merchants covering every niche including personal development.
affiliate programs - Pay Spree22. Pay Spree – as an affiliate or a vendor, you’re going to love this service. It’s free to sign up and very easy to add your own products or start promoting other peoples products for up to 100% instant commission via PayPal, AlertPay and more.
affiliate programs - Goals Guy 100 Day Challenge®23. Goals Guy 100 Day Challenge® – is a revolutionary extreme performance acceleration system that is responsible for transforming business and human potential into extraordinary results worldwide.
affiliate programs - Sonia Ricotti24. Sonia Ricotti – is #1 bestselling author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down. She shares her advanced teachings to help you through any difficult time and achieve great success, inner peace and happiness.
affiliate programs - Better Living With Hypnosis25. Better Living With Hypnosis – is the website of Dr. Steve G. Jones Ed.D. He currently offers over 4,000 hypnosis titles on their products page. All products are digital downloads. Most customers purchase multiple titles, even entire collections.
affiliate programs - Guy Finley26. Guy Finley – is one of the true bright lights in our world today. His ideas go straight to the heart of our most important personal and social issues, relationships, success, addiction, stress, peace, happiness, freedom & lead the way to a higher life.
affiliate programs - The Cure Is27. The Cure Is – unveils one of the most profound, ancient health formulas to be released in over a century. True stories, woven with testimonials from top scientists, doctors and evolutionary leaders creates a mind-blowing journey of self-discovery.
affiliate programs - You Wealth Revolution28. You Wealth Revolution – is a global virtual training conference and intention event, featuring inspirational change agents, wealth creators, authors & teachers, awakening millions to connect with their inner wealth, passion and purpose.
affiliate programs - Live Out Loud29. Live Out Loud – Wish You Were a Millionaire? Who doesn’t? The “Millionaire Maker”, Loral Langemeier (5 time bestselling author and international money maker), provides the step-by-step to create real wealth & success for real people.
affiliate programs - The Shift Network30. The Shift Network – for those interested in an evolutionary shift of consciousness that in turn leads to a more enlightened society, one built on principles of sustainability, peace, health and prosperity.
affiliate programs - The Secret Mirror™31. The Secret Mirror™ – is Joe Vitale’s biggest product in personal development. It concentrates on The Law of Attraction and includes the 4 stages of awakening and consciousness, activating one’s innermost beliefs & learning about projection.
affiliate programs - Mary Morrissey32. Mary Morrissey – has helped thousands and thousands of people step up to that greater life of their dreams, through her life coaching, speaking, consulting. Now it’s your turn. Mary’s vision is to help you bring your biggest dream into reality.
affiliate programs - The Sacred Science34. The Sacred Science – film follows eight people from around the world, with varying physical and psychological illnesses, as they travel deep into the Amazon jungle to work with the indigenous healers.
affiliate programs - The Superhuman Operating System35. The Superhuman Operating System – is a life changing series of tools, practices and perspectives based on the life’s work of renowned author, and luminary philosopher, Ken Wilber. Includes over 12 extra hours of transformative teaching. Ignore older dates on the affiliate page.
affiliate programs - iAwake Technologies36. iAwake Technologies – design an ever growing, ever evolving library of transformational tools that helps millions of people from all walks of life dramatically experience deeper states of joy, peace, creativity and purpose.
affiliate programs - The Stillness Project37. The Stillness Project – by Tom Cronin, sends you a free series of training videos, where he reveals his “secret” meditation technique… and you’ll discover how to find the time to meditate. This will change your views on meditation forever.
affiliate programs - Audio Empowerment38. Audio Empowerment – by Live Big Media is one of the simplest, easiest and best ways to help you transform your life, by simply listening to their recordings. Get their free information, inspiration and brainwave frequency audios.
affiliate programs - Calling In The One39. Calling In The One – promotes a 7-week interactive online course, by way of an introductory free online seminar, by Katherine Woodward Thomas, to identify and release your hidden barriers to love & become magnetic to your soulmate.
affiliate programs - Neale Donald Walsche40. Neale Donald Walsche – expertly leads a powerful 7-week online course during which people discover the 7 steps that will lead them out of suffering, and learn how to step into more fulfillment, happiness and abundance.
Affiliate programs - The Abundance Factor Movie41. Abundance Factor Movie – features Bob Proctor, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Carol Tuttle, T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Katie Hendricks, Lewis Howes, Lynne McTaggart, Margaret Lynch, Shawn Achor, and many, many more!
Affiliate programs - Greater Minds42. Wealth Beyond Reason – one of the largest and most comprehensive programs on The Law of Attraction ever produced. It was created by Law of Attraction Expert, Bob Doyle, featured teacher from ‘The Secret’.
Affiliate programs - Truth About Prosperity43. The Truth About Prosperity – features some of the most respected success leaders & entrepreneurial experts who reveal revolutionary techniques to help viewers finally breakthrough their limiting thoughts & beliefs around money to manifest true prosperity.

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