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Thank you for considering to be an affiliate for Forward Steps self improvement products. Below, is the affiliate sign up form…

Commission on all Forward Steps products is 75%. Using last click cookies expiring in 365 days. Commission automatically paid weekly.

My preference is for affiliates who…

– Own their own great quality self improvement website or blog with self growth topics. Personal development needs to be it’s primary “niche”. The site/blog shows the affiliate’s name/image.
– Have their own Paypal account (this is required)
– Have their own confirmed opt-in email list sending out positive, self development content.

Affiliate Sign Up For Forward Steps

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I do not accept automatic sign ups, for many good reasons.

Here are some alternatives…

If you do not wish to be an affiliate of all my products and you’re an Amazon affiliate, you can promote “Time For My Life” as a Kindle & as a paperback book without needing to apply above.

Similarly, if you have a ClickBank account, you can promote the ebook (PDF) version of “Time For My Life” using this link.

As well…

You might enjoy exploring this list of my recommended affiliate programs.

Once you are inside the Forward Steps affiliate program, you’ll have a range of Forward Steps products to promote. Including any newly added products, plus free gift pages for your subscribers.

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Thanks for considering to be an affiliate of Forward Steps self improvement products.

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