Quick Help Page About Your Subscription

This is a quick help page about your subscription with Forward Steps. Please contact me if you’re still stuck.

Here’s how to get your FREE gifts (or purchased product)…

Help-Page-button-step one 209pxOPEN this email from me

Help-Page-image-email inbox confirm 600px

Help-Page-button-step two 209pxCLICK the button in that email

Help Page - Forward Steps email subscription confirmation image

Help-Page-button-step three 209pxSEE your gifts in my 2nd email

After Steps 1 & 2, above, your gifts/purchases are sent in your NEXT (2nd) email.

Keep that email in a safe place for yourself. 🙂

It has other important information for you too!

Help-Page-button-step four 209pxCAN’T FIND my email?

Did you buy something?
Check your Paypal email address inbox.

Do you use Gmail?
Look under the “Updates” tab and read this note.

Maybe you had typed the wrong email, or it accidentally went into your spam folder.

Look inside your spam folder.
Mark the email as “not spam”, then whitelist the email address.

You can try subscribing again (first wait for 12-hours), you won’t be added twice.

If you still need help…
Write to me at my contact form

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PLUS check out a few free gifts from my friends…

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