Top 10 March 2015 Facebook Posts

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See your favorite Top 10 March 2015 Facebook Posts From Forward Steps with positive personal development inspirations by Thea Westra at Forward Steps Self Improvement. There is a brand new collection for you to explore at the end of each month. Simply return to this blog to see them.

The Secret of Your Immortal Self

Guy Finley - Nothing that remains concealed can be healed quote image

Get “The Secret of Your Immortal Self” by Guy Finley… I just heard from the people over at Guy Finley’s non- profit Foundation. They said Guy’s new book, “The Secret of Your Immortal Self” reached the #1 spot in Kindle Personal Growth and Self-Help categories, and #17 in overall best-selling books at Amazon! If you…

Top 10 February Facebook Posts 2015

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See your favorite Top 10 February 2015 Facebook Posts From Forward Steps with positive personal development inspirations by Thea Westra at Forward Steps Self Improvement. There is a brand new collection for you to explore at the end of each month. Simply return to this blog to see them.

18 Inspiring Quotations Get you Thinking

18 inspiring quotes images quote 1500

Enjoy the short video with 18 inspiring quotations to get you thinking today, and a collection of images for you to share. The text list with each of the 18 quotes that are shown in the video, in case you missed any while viewing. You can also view and download each of these images.

Free Tapping Meditation Videos For Calm

3 free tapping meditations 750x474

Save these 3 free tapping meditation videos & revisit them regularly, for feeling more calm & at peace with 3 calming & empowering processes. Follow along as New York Times best-selling author of The Tapping Solution Nick Ortner guides you through calming and empowering processes.

Top 10 January Facebook Posts 2015

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See your favorite Top 10 January Facebook Posts 2015 From Forward Steps with positive personal development inspirations by Thea Westra at Forward Steps Self Improvement. There is a brand new collection for you to explore at the end of each month. Simply return to this blog to see them.

Principles Of Fun For A Better Life

Principles Of Fun image 1

This fun video ought to be mandatory, daily viewing! The eight principles of fun is an irresistibly funky animated movie designed to help you create more fun in your life. What are you waiting for? Are you having fun? We don’t have enough fun in our lives. Life is better when you do have fun.

Top 10 December Facebook Posts 2014

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See your favorite Top 10 December Facebook Posts 2014 From Forward Steps with positive personal development inspirations by Thea Westra at Forward Steps Self Improvement. There is a brand new collection for you to explore at the end of each month. Simply return to this blog to see them.

Personal Development For Every Day

Personal Development For Every Day Image

Personal development for every day of your year! Enjoy this fun list for daily self improvement and inspiration (full list) OR… simply click on each month (just below), to be taken to the current month. Updated for your continued enjoyment and for you to reference any day of the year that you want!

The FUNdamentalist HUMANifesto

FUNdamentalist HUMANifesto Forward Steps blog img1

The FUNdamentalist HUMANifesto: Credo of the The Right-To-Laugh Party. This has been one of my favorite pieces of writing for such a long time. I think you’ll very much enjoy the FUNdamentalist HUMANifesto by Swami Beyondananda, too. Get my free ebook with 88 fun thoughts about life at this page too.

Top 10 Favorites Of Forward Steps Readers

Top 10 Favorites Of Forward Steps Readers Selected From Recent Purchases Made Today I took a little look at all the Clickbank products that I have recommended over the years. The following is a quick list of the top 10 most purchased, therefore I presume favorites, of Forward Steps subscribers. Below that, are the top…

The Synchonicity Luck Program


The Synchonicity Luck Program is taken from The 7 Real Mind Power Secrets, a free ebook that reveals life-changing secrets from a million dollar mind power research program. Synchronicity Synchronicity means a ‘meaningful’ coincidence of outer and inner events that are not themselves causally connected …or a series of seemingly unrelated events which are connected…

Grow Bolder And Get Your Free Africa Tour

At age 72, Stephen Jepson is living proof of his philosophy of lifetime fitness called “Never Leave the Playground”. He rides a unicycle, juggles while balancing on a bongo board, throws knives and plays jacks with both hands, walks a tightrope, swam across Iowa’s Spirit Lake at age 66, and has won over 80 gold…

Connecting With Our Soul [Interview]

Connecting with our Soul - image 1 - jodi chapman soulful life sanctuary

A while back, Jodi & I completed this interview together. Jodi Chapman is a bestselling author and an award-winning blogger. She wears her heart on her sleeve and tends to attract others into her life who do the same. It’s her heart’s desire to help us plug back into life by connecting with our soul.

27 More Free Personal Development Gifts

Free Personal Development Gifts 1500

I have so many great quality free personal development gifts to share with you, that I am finding it a challenge to get them all to you on time. This is my selection in the one place for you to explore. This list of free self improvement gifts is regularly updated for you.

Heal Your Body As You Sleep

Smile Before You Sleep Quote Feature Image

Heal your body as you sleep, the most natural form of meditation that your body can experience. During sleep, the energies of the heart, mind, body & spirit unite, every cell has time to rejuvenate. Sleeping is a natural form of meditation & a form of Qigong, balancing yin & yang energy in the body.

Learn About The Tale of Dwarka

Tale Of Dwarka Video Image

Learn more about the Tale of Dwarka By Amish Shah. The film is ready to be shown to the world. In his message you can view a free screening of his documentary. Follow his journey, inspired by the Mahabharata and other Vedic texts, as he explores the validity of their detailed accounts.

Ever Ask, What Is Missing From My Life?

missing from my life image 1 1500

Ever ask yourself, “What’s missing from my life?” This 1-hour program takes you straight to the heart of authentic spiritual wisdom. You’ll end the lifelong search for what’s been missing from your life. Very few things you do in your lifetime will have as much of an impact on your enjoyment of life.

Point Of Power In Quantum Mechanics

Point Of Power author Peter Baksa Featured Img

The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on and intend in your life, shall be delivered to you. In The Point Of Power, Peter Baksa proposes and illustrates 3 principles of “intend, declare & detach”, together explaining how to operate the law within the context of quantum mechanics.

World Day of Social Justice

social justice quote 1500

We advance social justice when we remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability. Together, we can overcome the inertia of complacency: doing this not for the publicity, but because it is the right thing to do.

Enter Chinese Year Of The Horse 2014

Chinese New Year Day is on January 31. Happy new year! 2014 is the Year of the Horse. There are some taboos on the Chinese New Year Day: Since everybody is in a festival mood under a joyful and hilarious atmosphere, people shouldn’t argue each other. Also parents shouldn’t scold or punish the children. Otherwise,…

Muere Lentamente by Martha Medeiros

muere lentamente 1500

Muere lentamente (English translation), enjoy and share this poem by Martha Medeiros. Let’s try and avoid death in small doses, reminding ourselves that being alive requires an effort far greater than the simple fact of breathing. See the video, read the text and share the image with your friends.

Life is really very simple

Life is really very simple - habits persist 1500px

Life is really very simple. I didn’t say “easy”, I said simple! Today, we have a blank canvas, as we do any other day. We get to start anything and everything anew, moment by moment. Embracing the heartfelt messages that you’ll hear in these three videos, will open a whole new reality for your life.

Power Of No For A Better Year Ahead

Power Of No - Forward Steps post_2

You’ll love this profoundly simple, yet powerful message, about the power of no. Why not do something entirely different this year? This amazing video presents fifteen simple, effective and empowering strategies (personal and professional) that you can use to get results, immediately!

20 New Year Questions & Auld Lang Syne

20 new year questions - improve your life 1500

Try out these 20 New Year Questions. Consider that if nothing changed and you took no deliberate action in the direction of your intended future, then the things that you consider to be “problems” today could very likely be the same challenges that you spend time with at the end of last year.

Letter Writing Day For Self Reflection

Letter writing day - Forward Steps blog image 2

To aid problem solving or for the purpose of self reflection, here are a couple of examples of letters to write to yourself. December 7 is Letter Writing Day, however there’s no need to wait until then! Use the following letter writing exercises to gain more clarity in your life & begin stepping forward.

Lady in Number 6 Celebrates 110 Years

Lady in Number 6 - Forward Steps blog image 1

The Lady in Number 6 is one of the most inspirational stories ever told. Alice Herz-Sommer, the world’s oldest pianist and oldest holocaust survivor, shares her views on how to live a long happy life. Alice’s story demonstrates that the amazing, inspiring, positive side of life can always be chosen.

Science Of Manifestation eBook Download

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Access your free copy of Vitaly Geyman’s pdf ebook The Science Of Manifestation and watch his educational video here also. Although the current economic climate has changed, some of the wealth building strategies and the majority of his teaching points in this video still remain true.

Calm in any situation

Calm In Any Situation Meditation Video Image

This amazing video takes you through a guided mediation that illustrates the art of positive thinking and reveals the power of mind. Calming, relaxing and inspiring… this guided meditation experience walks you through the beautiful process and explains how to be positive and calm in any situation. Develop the influence of a mental positive attitude…

Half The Fun Is Getting There

Half the fun quote image 3

Getting there is half the fun, the other half is the fun that we have along the journey. Take a breather and remember to lighten up, making time for laughing at ourselves. Enjoy a free ebook with 88 fun thoughts about life. I’ve listed 88 of my favorite, humorous self improvement funny quotes.

Unlock Your Intuition

When you unlock your intuition it opens the doors to true success; success that reflects & expresses your unique gifts, talents, potential & soul’s calling. It is the ultimate navigation tool, that when tapped and engaged, will chart the course to a dream-filled, blessed and ‘on purpose’ life.

A Daisy A Day Song & Nadine Stair Poem

A daisy a day poem image 1500

I’ll give you a daisy a day, dear. 🙂 You might like a gift of a daisy from Forward Steps today. Enjoy this sweet song, A Daisy A Day plus a short poem by Nadine Stair, “If I had my life to live over I’d dare to make more mistakes next time. I’d relax. I would be sillier than I have been this trip….”.

How we experience the world

Drunk Tank Pink, Adam Alter Interview Video Image

There are things and interactions that happen all around us, all day that radically alter both how we experience the world and who we are, on a moment-to-moment basis. They influence nearly every decision we make and, in turn, the way the world either rallies to or walks away from us. In the interview, NYU…

46 Quotes From Power Of Concentration

46 Quotes From Power Of Concentration 1500

It seems a peculiar fact that it is easier to concentrate on something that is not good for us, than on something that is beneficial. If this is a challenge with which you have been grappling then I just know you are going to love reading The Power Of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont

Listen To A 1986 Video Series About Money

Video Series About Money Image 1

Enjoy this older 1986 video series about money, titled Mastery Of Money. Stuart Wilde had turned away from a life of wealth and luxury, in order to follow the path of spirit. Since then, he has been a fearless, tireless spiritual warrior, investigating ever-further reaches of the spiritual realm.