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Subscriber Contest Forward Steps image 5Join the subscriber contest for Forward Steps, drawing one winner each month. A subscriber will be chosen at random, EVERY month.

I recommend you read all of this post, takes less than 90 seconds.

Winner gets free access to…
this Forward Steps Inspired Life Collection (click to see)

When you win, you will first be notified by email. After your reply to me, you’ll then be given immediate access to your prize.

Scroll down & read how easy it is to win!

We have had several winners already, who need to reply to my email before I can send their Forward Steps Collection, free!

Those winners are: Patrick C., James M., Richard T., Catherine G., Larry C., Helene W., Marilee B., Barbara J., Esther P., Shirley M., Amal G., Karen Mc., Melvin W., Suzanne T., Jose M., Jack P., Rakesh G., William N., Linda Z., Fumiko S., Ken S., Nanda V., Alan S., Natasja B., Fred W., Lonnie A., Thomas E., Fiona D., Linda A., Eric F., Vicky M., Laszlo K., Rod W., Caio C., Wanda S., Jocelyn A. & Mike L.

If that is you, please look for your email from me that contains your prize.

The next winner will be sent their email Tuesday 31 July, 2018 in my time zone. Keep your eyes open for that!

You will win this Forward Steps Collection…

The 365 Forward Steps ebook, 365 Life Power Questions ebook, 49 Questions To Inspire Change online exercise & its 3 guiding audios, 365 Forward Steps Notes in a complete collection (giving instant access to all), 15+ hours of MP3 audios (self improvement ebook audio collection), Time For My Life ebook (both formats, in PDF and in MOBI for Kindle).

Check out those Forward Steps products, by clicking here

Now… Read this next bit carefully!

To be chosen as a winner you will need to have:

– Opened at least 50% of Forward Steps emails during that month

– Clicked on the main link in each of those emails you opened

– Your first and last name showing up in your subscriber profile

– Images always set to display for all your Forward Steps emails

Here is how you can achieve those last 2 items…

Subscriber Contest For Forward Steps image 3

Plus, when you win…

You can download and share either one of these next two images with your friends at your Facebook profile (and other social platforms).

Better yet, when you win simply share this post and the following images will automatically show up correctly at your profile(s).

Subscriber Contest Forward Steps image 1

Subscriber Contest Forward Steps image 2

Choose to be anonymous or announced?

If you have a Facebook profile and would like me to share your win at the Forward Steps Facebook page, just let me know at the time of winning.

Apart from that, you will remain anonymous and (other than a first name & initial of surname) your details will be protected.

If you have questions about this contest, please click here to get in touch and I’ll include those missed details at this post.

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Enter the subscriber contest for Forward Steps which draws a winner each month. #forwardsteps

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