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Do More of What You Love to Do

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Free time offers you an opportunity to explore and embrace more of what you love to do. Be sure to schedule time for play, and wander where your heart wants to take you. When we engage more often in the activities that we really enjoy, those which make us come alive, we fill the well.

Add a Little Twist to Your Routines

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Routine can become very comfortable, avoiding any need to define and challenge your comfort zone. Although it may feel safe, however, allowing yourself to remain stuck in a dull routine of existence can bring you to a very low energy point and will strip the joy from your experience of life.

Ask Yourself Penetrating Questions

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When we ask ourselves those prickly kind of questions, we are making contact with the heart. Powerful, penetrating questions can sometimes need a lifetime, and there is no guarantee they will even receive closure. As eyes are the window to our soul, questions are the key to our soul.