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What Are Your Life Choices And Illusions?

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Choices and Illusions does a great job at explaining, how your mind works, why some changes can be so difficult to make & how you can take control of your own mind. Eldon Taylor provides his thoughts on the best tools for reversing negative effects & enhancing your own personal empowerment.

Experience A Quantum Shift In Self Growth

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When your decision process is being managed and manipulated, the quest for discovering your real self becomes exponentially more difficult, if not impossible. Experience a quantum shift in your personal growth by reading this book. Eldon spent over 30 years researching the power of the mind.

When What You Believe Matters!

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We are all familiar with the mind/body connection and the power of positive thinking, but there is breaking news that this power of belief goes much further. I'm not talking about one belief or a few beliefs, but every single tiny little belief—the ramifications are simply immense! I'm delighted to announce that my friend and…

Change Without Thinking

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Remember to scroll down, for the chicken and the eagle video story, too! These can be trying times and it can be easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget about working on those aspects of change that are truly important to us. Most of us believe it is the amount…

Eldon Taylor’s Latest Release!

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To quote my friend and colleague Eldon Taylor, “Self-actualization begins by finding who it is that we seek to actualize.” His newest book, What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization, is not just a fascinating read but a transformational experience that allows your true self to flourish!