Coaching Tip #355

Is the universe friendly?

Einstein once said that this is the most important question a human being can ask. I can totally see why he’d suggest that. If fear has so many disguises (see coaching tip #351) then your perception of your world can make or break you in terms of taking on the “big stuff”. What is your honest response to Einstein’s question?

2 comments for “Coaching Tip #355

  1. Anastasiya
    2007/05/06 at 14:30

    I think that universe is in a balance, those whole universe is inside me. The things i ‘ll send to it, i’ll get them back. I remember in University I had a teacher, so she was an old lady and to to first glance she lived very right life. She believed in God so much, she tried to teach everybody from religion aspect, but all the time when she came to the class she was all the time complaining about her life, but still was patient. So once I just started watching her, analyzing her behave, wondering why so many troubles happen to such a right lady? And realized: she thought somewhere deep in her heart that she was chosen by GOD that’s why he face all this troubles like God tests her some way, she couldn’t hide her convict to those who couldn’t except her opinion. So it proved me one more time – The man has just only he deserves, not less, not more

  2. Anonymous
    2007/04/26 at 01:10

    Strangely enough this is serendipitous in that I arrived home last night about 9:30pm and the night sky was crisp and there was a slight breeze with a cooling edge to it.

    For a moment I digress: I am dealing with a breakup after seven years of being together and am seeing that in my own personal unhappiness with myself I was projecting that onto my partner over the years and well here we are…

    I decided that I would go out back and experience the moment and look to the heavens and see what happens. I have always found that looking at the night sky and pondering its vastness puts one in perspective. It was peaceful and calming but nothing really big was coming through.

    Until this morning when I opened my wiki
    and found your thought for the day. Is the universe friendly? In all its vastness it is yet it also reflects back upon us. It is who we are on a grand scale.

    Thanks for putting it out there!

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