Does mindset matter in business?

I think when it comes to business, your mindset will be the deciding factor in determining your success.
Your mindset is what drives you through your day so that you can achieve the path you have laid out for yourself. Your mindset helps you look beyond your day to day uphill battles, fight them, and get to the top of the hill.
Everyday a business is faced with problems that need solutions. It is the solution-orientated business that not only survives but thrives.
But if every business is slammed with problems everyday (which they are), that need immediate attention, how do you get through the day and not get overwhelmed, frustrated, and end up throwing your hands up in the air and ultimately procrastinating on what needs to be done?
The real trick here is experience; expecting these situations, and more importantly a real belief that what you are doing is right, true, and you have a clear vision of the path you have laid before you.


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