For Individual Bloggers
Double the number of people reading your blog posts.
Reach new readers via inline guest-posts on relevant blogs.
Blog as you normally do; let postreach work on getting your blog posts read.

For Blog Networks
Grow traffic to each blog and keep your readers in your network via dynamic cross-posting.
Maximize your network’s revenue potential by freeing up space to serve more ads.
Launch new blogs with guaranteed exposure.

Postreach dynamically displays your posts as inline guest posts on relevant blogs. Relevant guest posts are also displayed on your blog (targeting control).

You can also create an invite-only group of blogs that help each other double their readers. These postgroups automatically display posts from other group members as guest posts on their blogs.

People on other blogs will read your posts as an inline post. Now you are reaching readers already interested in the topics you blog about.
Readers can rate your post or visit your blog to comment or read more of your blog posts.

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