Align your conscious and subconscious

If your subconscious feels that your goal is not realistic and that going for it might cause you too much pain, it will arrange for obstacles to stop you. If your subconscious feels that, in its’ estimation, your latest goal is possible, it might assist you in achieving it. Why do I just say that it might assist you rather than it would assist you? Because your subconscious also looks at your record in following through with your decisions, especially decisions you make that require you to go outside your comfort zone without all the skills and everything else in place. If your record in taking the required actions despite your fears is good, then your subconscious will assist you in continuing to go outside your areas of comfort. In other words, your subconscious will assist you in going after goals that you have not already achieved before because you have developed a habit of going after goals that you have not already achieved before.
It is an amazing thing. On the one hand, your subconscious will determine what you can achieve in the future by looking at what you have achieved in the past. So we might say that your past determines your future to a large extent. On the other hand, your subconscious looks at your ability and willingness to tackle what you have not achieved before. It looks at how you have handled failure in the past. If your subconscious determines that you can handle failure, that you have decided not to be devastated by the results of going after something bigger than your past, then your subconscious will willingly assist you in stretching yourself. Your goal becomes an adventure for both your conscious and your subconscious.
Your conscious might make the initial decision. But it is your subconscious that determines what is possible. So the way to change your ability to achieve your goals is to actively bring your conscious and subconscious together. Make sure they agree and are aligned together.


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