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Publishers and website owners can embed the ShareThis button on their sites at no cost. ShareThis is free and doesn’t require registration to use. Nor do the people you are sharing with need to register. However, registering makes sharing even easier.

ShareThis enables site users to share content throughout the web to contacts located on Facebook, MySpace, and AIM, as well as Email and through text messaging to mobile devices. This effectively increases the amount of viewers of the publisher’s content.

You’ll see the Share This button for this blog, at the top left of the blog. I have now added one to each of my blogs and also to quite a few websites at

I think it’s wonderful how it allows for quick emailing to friends when you spot something interesting, you can post to your favorite communities and you can bookmark to your social sites.

By putting the ShareThis button on your pages, you’re enabling your viewers to pass along your fabulous content to their friends via Email, AIM, MySpace, and Facebook, as well as post it to a large number of social web sites.

Effectively, you’re allowing your army of users to spread your content all over the web. If you normally market to your viewers, then you’ll be happy to know they’ll now be marketing for you. If you don’t, you’re viewers will be spreading your reputation regardless. Of course, the more links to your site that appear on the web, the higher your search engine rankings may be.

By using the ShareThis button, you can reclaim screen real-estate, since you will be able to remove all those social web buttons from your pages and replace them with one button.

ShareThis is a free one-step sharing tool that saves you time and makes sharing online hassle free. You can share online photos, videos, text, web pages and even music.

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