Trust there will be more opportunities

Van Gogh's IslandImage by logan.fulcher via FlickrWell, I must have done something right because now I am bombarded with a flurry of opportunity, you could even call it an abundance! The only problem is I am now in overwhelm! It’s like going from drought to flood, I have opportunities coming out of my ears and it’s growing by the day.
Now, while I acknowledge that I have widened the flow to allow these opportunities to be available to me, the fact I am overwhelmed and want to take them all is an indication of underlying lack-based thinking running the show.
I openly admit that I want to grab all of the opportunities as I am scared I will appear ungrateful to the Universe and will not be given more opportunities – that’s lack! Luckily enough I am surrounded by great people who are able to point out these things to me.
What I’ve realised is that as I become more skilled at manifesting what I want, there will be an abundance of what I want showing up. Overwhelm may seem like an issue with abundance at it’s core but beware, look very closely at why you are experiencing it. Is it because you are scared to let anything pass you by? If it is, ask your self why? How much do you trust there will be more opportunities coming your way?


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  1. Logan
    2008/05/12 at 21:45

    I am flattered that you used my image for this post, though I wish you would’ve let me know first… I have been reading about artist’s rights being infringed and have been searching the web for my art. I wanted to thank you for representing me (using my name in the piece) and would appreciate it if you continue to do so. I am glad you like my art. Take care, there will be more opportunities, you can’t stop them.

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