Forward Steps in the month of June

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I’m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I have my ‘little’ sister coming over to stay from Sydney. It’s amazing that we haven’t seen each other since dad died, five and a half years ago. During her stay, Greg is going to Melbourne for a couple of weeks, to see his 87 year old mum. So it’s a real family time for the both of us.

During the week, Greg and I went to see the Martin Scorsese film about the Rolling Stones, called Shine A Light. We went to a La Premiere screening and this film truly was an experience, not just a movie. Make time and take the opportunity to go see it on the big screen. If you want to see and feel purpose, commitment and excellence, in action, then you must go see this film! Performed at the Beacon Theatre in New York, the movie was better than being there, live.

I’m writing this just moments after a most amazing thunderstorm here in Perth, Western Australia. I jumped up from my seat a few times! Would you like to experience just a teensy bit of what we just had? Just follow this link and turn up the volume, to maximum. However, the rain on that audio is very quiet, compared to our torrential downpour, and you also miss out on the fabulous lightning show. Right now, everything is perfectly still. Incredible! 🙂

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