Life Power Tip #454

You are here to live out the dream in your heart.

Listen to your intuition as best you are able. Increase the possibility of that, by limiting the impact of the distractions around you, and the cultural expectations foisted on you. Find lots of quiet and still times, to just be with yourself and to be in nature. Listen to what your heart is wanting to express, and begin to take actions that follow your heart message more closely. It is important to do that responsibly and gradually, so that you increase self awareness throughout the process of that journey, back to you. You have a unique gift, it’s your job to find it and contribute that to the world.

2 comments for “Life Power Tip #454

  1. Happy Person
    2008/05/19 at 23:35

    It is really true that to listen to your heart, we can do a better job. I had this experience once during my school days, and have remembered the impact on the result till today. I scored very well then, even though my study partners left me for other options.

  2. List Mama - listmamablog
    2008/05/19 at 07:56

    What a beautiful sentiment! I need to take more moments to breathe and meditate on my life and what is happening. Thanks for sharing.


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