Life Power Tip #455

Get everything in alignment.

Does your environment align with your thoughts and align with your daily habits etc.? If something is out of whack with what you say you’re about, or with what you say you want to create then everything is out of sync. Begin looking at the areas that need attention so that you’re not rolling through life on a set of square wheels.

2 comments for “Life Power Tip #455

  1. rob - blogtogreat
    2008/05/23 at 23:34

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  2. Karrine - herblogdirectory
    2008/05/21 at 00:16

    karrine.hermedia [at]

    Very interesting tip..

    Re-aligning one’s self is very important as it helps us to be a better person.

    I would love to see your blog listed at HerBlogDirectory

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