New Entrecard Feature And Free Ebook

Entrecard is dedicated to your success as a blogger. Your Entrecard account is free and instant!

Some people say its the new business card. Some people call it an advertising network.

One thing is clear, Entrecard is a blossoming social network of bloggers centered around the concept of community, sharing, and helping each other out. We believe that Entrecard is one of the best ways to promote your blog.

The “entre” root for the word “entrepreneur” loosely means “to undertake.”

Bloggers are the largest growing community of entrepreneurs in the world, each undertaking their own venture for their own reasons.
Entre-card is their digitial business card, for networking and promoting themselves in this community.

It was conceived by Graham Langdon, 22-year old Internet Entrepreneur and self proclaimed “idea guy”. It was launched at the Blog World Expo in November of 2007.

The Entrecard Official FREE E-book has arrived for everyone to download!
If you’re new to Entrecard, and wondering what to do first, this E-Book will guide you along the way. And if you’re an intermediate or advanced user, it’s packed full of strategies you can use to get the absolute most from our service. Download from the link above.

On 19 May Entrecard rolled out a feature everyone has been asking us for since we launched: the ability to add more than one blog to an account!

You can add all your blogs to Entrecard simply by going to your Dashboard and clicking “Linked Blogs” in your Dashboard navigation.

You can switch from one blog to another, and drop or advertise as either one, from the very top right of your Entrecard screen. Where your email address is displayed there will be a link to “switch” to another account of yours. Read more about this great new feature, here…

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