What do I really want to create right now?

Twenty QuestionsImage via WikipediaThe quality of our life is deeply affected by the questions we ask ourselves. Questions generally fall into two categories – questions that help us change our perspective or ones that allow us to justify our point of view.
When we asks ourselves, “What do I want to create? and answer that in an affirmative manner, our lives change drastically. Often when I ask people what they want they reply with a list of what they don’t want. “I want to feel loved” creates a very different outcome from the reply “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”
Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? All emotions are created by our story about life. We all have our favorite emotions and pet beliefs. We are the only ones that can create limitations in our life. Are you ready to start asking yourself questions that will help you let go of those limitations?
I found it helpful to come up with a list of questions that I asked myself on a regular basis to help me ’see’ my limiting beliefs. Once you get in touch with one of your limiting beliefs you could visualize holding it in your hand like a small bird, then lovingly let it go and see it fly away.

Dr. Susan Gregg translated key elements of Toltec wisdom into three comprehensive classes, each of which can easily take you from where you are now to a place of transformation and joy.

Source: http://susangregg.com/blog

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