Does the body always tell the truth?

Vertical section of bladder wall.Image via WikipediaThe body holds us together in this reality. It allows us to express ourselves and to communicate. Without it we would be dealing with another reality, so again, let’s allow our focus to be bodily. The body is also often a reflection of our inner selves. It has its own language. The body changes expression if you are comfortable or disinterested, even if your words say something else.
But does it tell you the truth?
Look at the study done in 1952 by E. Sh. Ayrapetyants. To make quick work of this, basically the study tested people’s response to having pressure applied to their bladders. During this time, they were given a meter to read so that they could see the increase of air pressure their bladders were incurring. Later, without telling the participants, the researchers stopped applying air pressure to the bladders, but the meters continued to read as though the pressure was still happening. Ultimately, the participants all reacted and felt the bodily response of having pressure on their bladder just by seeing the meter results. Pavlovian all the way.
Again, I ask, considering this… Does the body always tell the truth?


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