Empower each other!

Welcome to the second half of 2008! Is it all that you expected, and better?

I expected more to be accomplished, therefore, I now have an accountability buddy with whom I email daily, and a life empowerment buddy with whom I have a call each week. My book at Time For My Life is the main focus for my accountability buddy, plus my life empowerment buddy and I are working on the Clean Sweep Program
I also have two friends who I’ve been meeting for coffee each Friday morning for the last 8 years. These two friends have shared some powerful self improvement programs with me, over some years. We meet to create what’s next in our lives, and to keep our personal growth ‘alive’.

Generously, some of you have you subscribed to Triggers at Forward Steps and you’ll notice, in the header, that Triggers’ sub-title is ‘Once stretched by a new idea, your mind never regains its original dimensions’. Imagine two or more minds stretched by the same ideas. That is known as masterminding, and we all know the immense value of that.

Is today the day that you will invite a few of your friends, to join you? In fact, why not set up a monthly coffee meet with your mates, to explore the content in each month’s edition. Empower each other! An illustrative story about the power of your friendships, and how we support those friendships, is in this mini-article at Are You A Duck Or An Eagle?

As a side note, last week I sent my subscribers an important message in an email titled ‘[Your Name] – Important Message from Thea at Forward Steps’ It was mailed 24 June, so please look through your emails and retrieve that one, then please take action on that information. You can also access that message at this post at the Forward Steps Notice Board

Remember too, that on July 1 you have the chance to be one of 100 Charter Members of I Create Profits for a special reduced price.
If you’ve ever wanted to create online profits yourself, then check out this new video based instructional site created by my friend Christopher Westra and his partner Josh Reid. See more about the benefits of residual income, and this special offer at the I Create Profits Program
I’ve seen these video steps myself and Christopher and Josh do break it down into the simplest steps that you can follow. Christopher thinks that all 100 memberships may be gone by the end of the day on Tuesday 1 July, so don’t wait.

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  1. Paul Daemon - bestcarshybrid
    2008/07/03 at 04:27

    lol half year is gone and its pretty amazing . how time flies.

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