Important Message from Thea at Forward Steps

This message is to everyone who subscribes at my sites, and

Recently, I updated the home site and have created an opt-in form, right on the front page, for all new visitors. That will be Forward Steps’ MAIN ‘Master Communications’ email list.

Emails to that mailing list will be sporadic and not too frequent, yet it will be my first port of call when making announcements to all of you, who are part of the Forward Steps community.

I ask that you to go to the ForwardSteps. com. au home page. You can use this handy link to take you there…
Then, please subscribe (add your details) to the opt-in form you’ll see immediately, once you arrive. The heading is “6 Unique FREE Self Improvement Gifts. Take This Forward Step. You’ll be glad you did!”

To stay connected, even should you choose to unsubscribe from every Forward Steps mail list – your subscription to that home page list will keep you fully connected – with regard any special offers, gifts and announcements from

THAT is “THE LIST” to join and stay with, if you want to keep in touch.

Thank you all, for your fantastic support of me and the terrifically encouraging messages that I receive from you. Hop over to this link RIGHT NOW! so that you DO NOT MISS any special announcements from me, and so that I will NEVER LOSE CONTACT with you inspiring people!

Plus, you will get access to those 6 FREE gifts, directly after you opt-in at that main announcements list.

Of course, please do remain subscribed to the various Forward Steps publications to which you already subscribe. You will want to be on this newly created MASTER list in addition to your current subscription(s), so that you will have access to future ‘time sensitive’ announcements, plus ‘special news’ messages from Forward Steps, and you will collect those 6 NEW free gifts in the process.

Go do it right NOW, before you’re distracted by other things! I say this because I can relate to how quickly that happens online.

Thank you. I really appreciate your support.

1 comment for “Important Message from Thea at Forward Steps

  1. Paul Daemon - bestcarshybrid
    2008/07/03 at 04:25

    I am glad you put opt in form there . will help the readers

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