Life Power Tip #460

Watch inspiring movies or listen to inspired people.

We are so much more energized and productive when we feel great and when we associate with energized productive people. So hang out with your highest energy friends and hang out with people you admire, even if it’s by reading, listening or watching on a video.
Here’s one you can start with – Andy Andrews
I recently read his newest book Mastering The Seven Decisions

1 comment for “Life Power Tip #460

  1. Sally Huss
    2008/06/20 at 02:46

    Good advice. Happy people help other people feel happier. I think you would enjoy my blog based on my “Happy Musings”…they are right up your alley.

    Sally Huss
    “Life is wonderful! Don’t forget it.”

    Email: sally [at]
    Blog: blogher [dot] com [slash] blog [slash] sallyhuss
    Website: sallyhuss [dot] com

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