Make Your eBooks re-brandable

ViralPDF™ brings professional rebranding functionality to your PDF eBooks. It’s a set of 2 downloadable Windows (any version) program files – a PDF Signer and a PDF Brander/PDF Rebrander.

Once you’ve created your material and converted it to PDF, you can give it to your affiliates along with a small software application.

The ‘Brand PDF’ Step: Your affiliates can then update the links in your eBook (the relevant part, that is) and start giving it away!

When you start converting your eBooks to PDF, they will look and print the same, regardless if it’s being viewed on Windows, Macintosh, Linux or any other system.

You no longer need to worry about the fonts you used in your documents and whether the reader has them installed or not. All that is required to read PDF documents on any chosen platform, is a free Reader software, such as Acrobat® Reader®.

Here is what ViralPDF™ can do for you…

-Use unlimited, re-brandable links in your documents, so you can promote as many programs/products/services as you like!
-Brand even eMail-Adresses!
-Brand regular text!(“This eBook is sponsored by !”)
-Set an expiration date on your PDF files! After that date is reached, the brander will refuse to brand your documents and ask the reader to visit your website for a newer version of your eBook.
-Put your PDF eBooks on your website! Search Engines like Google or MSN will index these – and as we all know, Search Engines just love content!
-Use ‘catch-all’ tags! If your affiliate doesn’t have a personal ID for any given program promoted in your eBook, the link will get branded with your ID! What this means for you is: No more lost sales!
-Even use Acrobat’s “Base URL” feature, so you can hide your affiliate-links in your PDF files!

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