Cwerty is the direct-to-consumer & small business arm of the Fifty Lessons growing network of companies. It enables aspiring business people to be the best they can be with direct access to the wisdom and experience of today’s most accomplished business leaders—from individual entrepreneurs to large multinational CEOs.

In short, Wisdom On Demand.

Cwerty has three main purposes: To allow you to view videos, create personalized video collections for reference, and share videos with your friends and colleagues.

Fifty Lessons was founded on the belief that the experience and wisdom of the most accomplished business leaders of our time needed to be passed on to the next generation.

No one is mentoring you, right? So they rounded up the best of the best to help you improve your game… and that of all your friends.

At Fifty Lessons they are passionate about fueling business success by bringing individuals and businesses real world experience in highly engaging, memorable formats that work in today’s time-constrained world. There is no substitute for candid guidance from someone who’s been there before—and succeeded.

Storytelling is at the heart of their methodology because it’s the most effective way to get remembered. Ok, so it’s not the newest concept (in fact, it’s truly ancient—used by cavemen and the Romans alike) but the ancient tradition of story-telling combined with the newest media technologies provides a rich experience that you’ll enjoy—and remember.

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