Why Meditate?

Scenes of Inner Taksang, temple hall, built ju...Image via WikipediaWhy do you want to meditate? Unless you are a holy mystic wearing a hair shirt sitting on a mountain top, you will have some kind of “worldly” motivation to meditate. Are you stressed and looking for a way to relax? Are you interested in developing your spiritual life? Have you heard of the health benefits of meditation such as lower blood pressure and thought you’d give it a try? Your favourite celebrity is saying how wonderful it is?

It’s a good idea before embarking on any project or practice to examine your expectations and motivations. The concept of meditation (ie sitting and doing nothing) is very alien to our western consumer-driven culture, and coming from that culture, you will need some kind of logical reason to pursue it.

I would recommend reading some books on the subject and perhaps doing a guided meditation to start you off. There is something quite comforting about having a guide during your first experiences, even if that is only a recorded voice on a CD. Some people like to stay with guided practices and although I think they are a good idea once in a while, meditation is an individual practice.

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