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By now, most of you will have seen my very own Mind Movie that I created using the Mind Movies Creation Kit That page explains the mind movie kit, and you can watch the personal mind movie that I put together for Greg and myself. The link is not private, so you are welcome to share it with friends.

A few weeks ago one of my ex-students found me in Facebook, I had taught her 20 years ago…(for her privacy I screened her location in this message copy)

“Hello Miss Westra…it has been ages..How are you? Are you still a teacher? and I see you’re living in Perth now… Im living in —- at the moment studying to be a teacher!!! It’s my final year, I should graduate in about 5 weeks so I am really excited about it.
Do you know, that when lecturers at uni ask us about our old teachers and which teachers we believe helped shape us and make us so passionate about teaching now, I always tell them about you and how good a teacher you were.”

Couldn’t keep my eyes dry after that one. Loved it, and naturally wanted to share this with you!

If you have a Facebook presence yourself, then you are most welcome connect with me, and to select other social sites at which to connect simply do a Google search for “Thea Westra Forward Steps”

Actually I also now have a handy page with some of my social profiles in a variety of online communities, here – looking forward to seeing you at one of those.

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