Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan!

Early 18th century Dutch map.Image via Wikipedia If you aren’t really that interested in achieving the goal, you will lack the motivation. If you don’t have the passion for the goal, why bother? Find ways to develop passion towards your goals. One method is to begin to immerse yourself towards the goal. Read books or magazines that talk about it, attend seminars, go somewhere you’ll be exposed to it. Talk to others about it. Make it alive in your mind and it will seem more real. Setting a long list of goals will not be helpful here, it’s difficult to be passionate about a lot of different goals, and you may feel overwhelmed. Pick one goal, or a very few, and don’t add more goals until you have such momentum you’re not worried you’re going to stop.

Next, imagine yourself as having the goal already, picture it mentally and feel yourself having it. Act as the person who has already achieved the goal. This ties back to my previous comment about immersing yourself in the goal. Many today refer to this as the Law of Attraction, however the concept has been around a long time before this term became popular. Setting aside metaphysical/spiritual level influences some will claim as part of the Law of Attraction, the fact is that if you act as though you have the goal, you’ll more naturally do things that move you towards the goal.

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    2008/09/11 at 11:08


    I think it is a better way of motivation and a great advice also for us.Many people does not have passions and they are not understand talk.I think Thea post a great article about it.

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