Re-aligning with original visions

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It is always a test of resolve when you are committed to one thing, and yet something else comes along that does not quite align with the picture!

Take control where you are able and in the areas you can immediately affect, to regain personal power. Put aside any concern for things with which you cannot make a difference.

A handy document that I often source is the CleanSweep which you can find at the Forward Steps site, under coaching tools. The list of Tolerations at that same location, are also brilliant. I always get back to working on those things when I need to take stock and re-align myself with my original intentions.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” “Whatever you focus on WILL expand!” “Success is the progressive accomplishment of personally worthwhile, long range goals.” These are 3 statements that live on my noticeboard at my desk. I remind myself of those, while keeping open and in state to expect a miracle every day.

I am really enjoying the free gifts from Ryan, they are very powerful tools. If you’d like to share in my experience of these, just watch this excellent interview between Ryan and Frank
In the next week, I’ll be sending you another email with more gifts from Ryan (a fellow Aussie!).

This past week, I created an add-on service that I offer. The short audio at the site will explain why I set up this service. Find out more at Online Visible Web and download my short, free ebook at that website too.

First day of Spring has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. I am loving the sunny and warmer days, plus the extended daylight at both ends of the day.

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