The Mind Holds The Ultimate Key To Peak Personal Performance

Rendering of human brain.Image via Wikipedia Dr. Robert Anthony does not teach positive thinking.

To him, by the time you think positive it is too late.

It is important to understand that is not our thinking that creates our circumstances, but the emotion that is attached to our thoughts.

Dr. Robert Anthony has spent the last 30 years unraveling the mysteries of “success” and how the mind holds the ultimate key to peak personal performance in all areas.

In addition to being a Personal Performance Trainer, He is am a licensed Psychotherapist, Hypnotist and best selling author.

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Here is something else you may not realize, which is a fact based on universal Law of Cause and Effect which applies to everything in the universe including your actions:

For every cause there is an effect… not only that, but the effect is always multiplied. So not only will you experience what you cause yourself, or others, to experience, but it will come back to you, multiplied and increased.

In other words, if you help others to experience riches and happiness, it will come back to you and you will experience a multiplying of what you cause others to experience…

Discover the biggest fatal error most people make when trying to changes things for the better… The Secret of Deliberate Creation reveals to you the right things and the wrong things to focus on and they are not what you intuitively would expect…

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