My $47.95 Free Birthday Gift For You

October 2008 Triggers celebrates its 5th birthday, and as my thank you and my birthday gift to you, you can send ALL your friends to this specially created Free Gift Subscription page…

That free gift is a value of $47.95, and that gift site will close down at midnight Perth, Australia time on 31 October, 2008…

If you are not yet subscribed to the monthly Triggers ezine, then you too can use that link to subscribe for free – a gift to yourself.

Don’t miss this – I am NOT offering Triggers free, again!

It’s too valuable a resource for me to continue providing it free (unless you become an affiliate member for the Triggers sales page).

Triggers is like receiving a membership site every month. There are hundreds of free audios and great info links that are sent each year.

It takes me many hours to collect those monthly gifts for you, so take advantage now and become a free member to receive your copy on the first day of every month – for as long as you stay subscribed.

If you are already a subscriber and you love what you get in your in-box from me each month, then do be generous and share that around. Post it at blogs, share at communities or send an email to friends.

THIS MONTH, I decided to set some personal guidelines for my emailed subscription messages. I recently focused on huge clean outs and clearing, everywhere. For all my emails to subscribers, I now have Personal Guidelines that I’ll live by and REALLY needed to write them down for myself.

*1- I will only send mail on the dates promised to you. No extras.
The only extras will be one October birthday and one December season.

*2- I will be choosing my BEST 35 sales pages/products to recommend via mail.
My intention is to have that list of 35 finalized by end October 2008.

*3- The list will never go beyond 35. If I add one, then I remove one.
This way, products I promote will become yet higher & higher in quality.

*4- Sites that I recommend beyond the top 35 will only ever be FREE gifts.

I feel so much better creating super crystal-clear guidelines for myself and for you. I value each and every one of you and forever want to give you only the very best of the material that I discover online.

Thank you for being such loyal subscribers and for the lovely messages and news that I also regularly receive from you. Remember to collect & share THE GIFT, of a monthly free Triggers!

Cheers, Thea

P.S. Oh yes, my book is coming along – it takes much longer than I thought! Place your name on the waiting list if you want to be the first to know when it’s released. Won’t be too far away now…

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