Some Quick News From Your Blog Author

Thea Westra - you wait for me to resume blogging…

I give you these gifts to enjoy and share:

~ With increased costs and financial uncertainty there are still some great things available for free – please accept this Forward Steps October Birthday Present This gift is time-sensitive and it is something that I WILL NOT be offering to my readers again. True!~

~ If you don’t like the look of the cheques that you currently receive, why not write your own? Here is access to your personalized Wealth Attraction Abundance Cheque ~

~ Rather than listening to negative messages thrown at us via mainstream media, and to have a mini-break from all the hype – take some personal time-out for a Daily Meditation ~

If you would like to receive periodical emails from me, then I recommend choosing from one of my varied selections:

A. Triggers is a bumper issue, sent 1st of each month since 2002… (Note: See the first gift at this post)
B. Samples of Triggers are short snippets, sent weekly…
C. Forward Steps Daily are mid-sized & for 1-year only…
D. Power Questions, a power question sent for 52 weeks…
E. Forward Steps Master List, a brief note sent monthly…
F. Online Visible Web, an online tool or gift monthly…

Enjoy a productive week and a relaxing weekend.

Remember to share this post. Spread these gifts by sharing them with a friend, or two. You CAN make a difference, and imagine the impact if every visitor here today shared with just one other! 🙂 Pay it forward…

Thea Westra - Forward Steps - Personal Development

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2 comments for “Some Quick News From Your Blog Author

  1. Thea
    2008/12/30 at 10:18

    I am so glad you enjoyed those Patricia. Stay relaxed! 🙂
    Happy new year too. Cheers, Thea

  2. Patricia
    2008/12/30 at 09:35

    Thanx Thea, for the cool gifts. I’m listening to the meditation music as I write. Have a wonderful year.

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