Where have I been?

Hi all, and once more, it’s been a while since writing. I appreciate you dropping in again to check out what’s new and happening at Forward Steps.

Many of you may not know that I also have a day job, and it’s not really that important in the overall scheme of things. One’s only as good as one’s last posting, not all those gone before! 🙂 Yet at my end, going to a workplace 6 days a week, does pose challenges because I’m so committed to providing great material for you and regularly.

Here are a few pages that I’ve recently worked at, and I think you’ll enjoy exploring.

Recently, I thought it was time to buy www.theawestra.com The links at the taps on top of the page are handy for quick reference, they are for me!

I have also continued work on the 35 Favorite Self Growth Products and my list of 50 Free Personal Development Gifts that I know you’ll love.

Each month, the huge production of Triggers takes a little doing as well. That continues behind the scenes during my weeks. I’m always on the look out for great things to share with you.

It would delight me if you could share those with friends. They are a great gift and I am certain that it is something your friends will appreciate.

Please don’t spam, you are welcome to send them to personal contacts or to post those two links at your own blogs, or within messages when commenting at someone’s blog. We all know the value of Paying It Forward.

Have a terrific week and I’ll catch you again soon. Cheers, Thea

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