Life Power Tip #485

Consider how you use language to interpret the things surrounding you each day.

How do you think the cells of your body might logically respond to the words: I am starving? What image does that conjure? Would it cause a shift in the cellular and chemical response of your body if instead, you were to tone that down, and use the words: I am hungry? New words, new pictures, evoking empowering emotions.

3 comments for “Life Power Tip #485

  1. Jamie
    2009/02/12 at 05:39

    I was reading another blogsite that give some great advice about wellness and self-help. The Dr. gives some interesting points in how to change some aspects of your life that are negative. Feel free to check it out at lifequake [dot] wordpress [dot] com This post reminded me of it!

  2. Sharon Wilson - coachingfromspirit
    2009/02/04 at 06:27

    I agree. Language is certainly key in interpreting our environment. However, perception is even moreso. How we perceive the world around us need not involve language to effectively interpret our surroundings.

  3. Sydney Plumber - purpleplumbing
    2009/01/24 at 22:38

    Great Life Tips really Language interpret things in surrounding…………

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