Complimentary eCourse Finding the Power in Your Core Values

Your core values are those deeply embedded feelings or actions that form the foundation on which we perform and conduct ourselves. We have an endless list of values to choose from, but some of them are so primary – so important to us that… regardless how others live, there are some core values we will always abide by.

In an ever-changing world, our core values are our constant.

*They are not descriptions of the work we do or the strategies we use to accomplish our mission.

*They define our work, how we interact with each other, and how we “live” as we fulfill our mission.

*They are the basic elements of how we “show up in the world.”

*They are the practices we use … every day in everything we do.

I find that discovering and refining our Core Values is the foundation of how we constrict or release our success, and would like to participate in helping you make 2009 a STELLAR year by offering a complimentary eCourse Finding the Power in Your Core Values

The sign up for this powerful 4-week eCourse is on the lower part of the page at

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