An eCommerce Solution For Adding Revenue To Existing Sales

Have you considered adding TrialPay as a payment option for products that you have available, for sale online?

TrialPay does not replace your current e-commerce solution; instead, they provide a new way for consumers to pay that adds additional conversions and new revenue onto your existing sales.

With TrialPay, customers get your online product for free by completing one offer from brand-name advertisers. For instance, customers can send flowers from FTD or sign up for Blockbuster and get your product for free. They use money from the advertiser (FTD or Blockbuster in this example) to pay you for your product.

TrialPay currently work with some of the biggest names in the industry: McAfee, Skype, WinZip, AVG, Lavasoft, Real Networks and hundreds of other premier partners.

If you’d like to get started with TrialPay, you can sign up for a free, no-obligation merchant account. TrialPay is an absolutely free service with no registration or transaction fees.

Also, no integration is necessary with your current e-commerce provider. Simply insert a TrialPay “Get it Free” button on your site and you’re ready to go!

TrialPay Referral Program

I am currently using TrialPay at my Forward Steps Triggers site. I have set the page abandonment widget script to only appear once a week for my site visitors. You have a choice to set it more, or less frequently than that. As well, you’ll notice the TrialPay button that’s right under my sales button at the Triggers site.

I have also added the option (using my own selected image) at these two links from the Triggers main site – Triggers Affiliates and the free Triggers Sample option

If you’d like to read more about TrialPay, here is a great background article on TrialPay that appeared in the New York Times.

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