Thinking About The Past?

Forward Steps - Thinking About The PastThe past can be very useful and empowering.

As in the words of Paul Harvey – in times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.

Think back to the months before the media told you that times were bad.

Now, look at your life with some truth.

Have your personal circumstances truly changed, or is it simply that you are now living each day with a cloud of fear overhead? Fears of what might happen, rather than what is actually so, in this moment, now.

What could you do about that, if anything?

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2 comments for “Thinking About The Past?

  1. Kevin
    2009/04/30 at 00:37

    This is a great comment from Paul Harvey. One of the things I found extremely useful was something that I learned at the “Train your Brain for Success” Seminar with Douglas Vermeeren.

    Now I am paraphrasing, but he said something to the effect of “Too many people make decisions on what is happening in their life right now. And decisions in the present are the only thing which will effect the future They have very little to do with right now or the past. We need to make our decisions based on what we want our future to look like rather than what is happening right now.”

    I found that to be very powerful!

  2. Thea
    2009/04/30 at 07:59

    Perfect Kevin, I completely agree and have experienced that as true in my own life, many times over. Thank you for stopping by, to add that great contribution. Cheers, Thea

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