The 90 Second Rule™ movie that teaches Jim Fannin’s mantra

The 90-Second Rule™ Jim FanninJim Fannin, the highly acclaimed “Zone Coach” and “Change Your Life” guru, master teacher, speaker, author and philanthropist has a brand new movie he feels will have a positive impact on people’s lives and he’s offering $50,000 in cash and prizes including a $25,000 cash Grand Prize going to the film’s most compelling video testimonial. Testimonials will be accepted from May 6 through July 6, 2009 and should have a running time of no longer than 3 minutes.

The 90-Second Rule™” is a short, powerful film about how to empower your family, friends, co-workers, business associates and personal relationships – under any circumstances including recession-related issues like not being able to pay bills or the loss of a job. Pivotal, emotional scenes depict both correct and incorrect adherence to “The 90-Second Rule™.”

The film can be viewed at After seeing the film, people from across the U.S. (18 and over) can submit a testimonial about how “The 90 Second Rule™” impacted their life to The top ten finalists will be posted in July at and the public will have the chance to log-on and vote for the Grand Prize winning testimonial.

“Over the past 20 years the institution of family has eroded. Coming home to an empty welcome has played a part in the unraveling of the family fabric. It’s time to correct this and embrace change,” says Fannin.

The “Change Your Life” Contest featuring Jim Fannin’s “The 90 Second Rule™” film is being strongly supported by a client of Coach Fannin, Fortegra Financial Corporation, one of the top providers and administrators of credit insurance and payment protection services in the United States. Coach Fannin’s tools and “The 90 Second Rule™”, in particular have had a major impact on Fortegra’s staff, management and their families, and the company has helped contribute to the grand prize money.

“The teachings and guidance of Jim Fannin has had a marvelous impact on our employees and their families and we feel privileged to be a part of Jim’s effort to help people protect and in many cases, save their relationships and their family unit,” commented Richard Kahlbaugh, President & CEO of Fortegra Financial Corporation.

Fannin adds, “If you‘ve been away from someone you care about or love for at least two hours, the first 90-seconds that you see them has more impact on the relationship than spending hours with them later on. Make that last phone call in the driveway before you step in the door and get past your tough day at the office or your long trip on the road. Close your mind to the past so you can fully engage with complete awareness to the people you will soon meet again.”

The 90-Second Rule™” is dedicated to Jim Fannin’s late mother, Lahoma Agnes Crouch, to whom Jim promised at her deathbed to take his message to the masses.

“For decades I’ve privately spoke of my messages of hope and possibility to the rich and famous as well as everyday people. “The 90-Second Rule™” has been one of many tools that I created to offer simplicity and balance in one’s life and now it’s been filmed for everyone’s enjoyment and benefit,” commented Fannin.

Fannin utilized the talents and skill of his client, legendary photographer Bob Davis, to shoot “The 90-Second Rule™”. Davis is known for, among other things, shooting Oprah Winfrey events plus several high profile celebrity weddings (Eva Longoria-Parker, Eddie Murphy, etc.)

“When Bob offered to shoot “The 90-Second Rule™” it occurred to me that Bob’s spent decades documenting the beginning of so many marriages. Now, he’s filming a movie that is going to save countless marriages and other relationships,” noted Fannin.

After watching the testimonials, Fannin and his team will select the top ten finalists on Friday, July 10th and post the movies From July 13th – August 5 people will be able to log-on and vote for the winner. Fannin will announce the Grand Prize winner on Wednesday August 12th.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a personally delivered check from Fannin in the amount of $25,000. The runner-up will receive three months of free personal coaching from the “Change Your Life Coach.” The remainder of the top ten finishers will receive five free coaching sessions with a certified Jim Fannin “Change Your Life” Coach.

Watch “The 90-Second Rule™” movie and enter your video testimonial at

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