25 ways to improve your cognitive abilities

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Almost everyone would love to take advantage of ways to boost their brain power and become smarter, no matter how smart they already are.

Below are 25 scientifically proven ways you can do just this. From surprising activities such as watching TV or riding a motorcycle to brain-healthy nutrition choices, try a few of these ideas and see if you notice any improvement in your intelligence.

These activities all offer ways to improve your cognitive abilities, so pick up a crossword puzzle, drink some water, and listen to some music to make yourself smarter.

Including – Watch specific types of TV shows. Play video games. Social networking. Ride a motorcycle. Age. Drink water throughout the day. Get enough sleep. Listen to music. Practice dual n-back exercises. Learn a foreign language. Practice Transcendental Meditation. Stretch your memory. Work crossword puzzles. Play chess.


Good nutrition is tied to both a healthy body and a healthy brain, but some aspects of nutrition have been shown to improve intelligence and protect brain function.

Find out what you can eat (and drink) to make yourself smarter. E.g. Vitamin B. Fish oil. Avoid artificial colors and flavorings. Matcha. Antioxidants. Breakfast. Ginkgo Biloba. Avocado. Meat and fish. Ginseng. Vitamin E. Get More Detail >>

I really love the section about ageing. Researchers have discovered that as the human brain ages, several processes begin to occur to improve the way the brain functions. Older brains have learned more, use more complex modes of processing, and the two hemispheres of these brains begin to work together more efficiently. The result is that when people reach their 40s and well beyond that, their brains are just beginning to work at peak efficiency, resulting in more wisdom and intelligence.

Source: www.psychologydegree.net

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