Awake is the New Sleep

Dead Tired Part 1 Awake Is The New SleepMany scientists believe tiredness is the biggest health problem facing humanity and now they’ve got the evidence to prove it. New medical studies reveal that sleep deprivation can trigger and exacerbate many diseases including heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even depression.

On average each of us gets 90 minutes less sleep than our ancestors did 100 years ago and our sleep-dependent bodies simply can’t cope.

So today one-third of us have insomnia while another third are dangerously sleep deprived. Experts claim that sleepiness is “the smoking gun of the modern age” and unless we radically shift our attitude towards sleep we are heading for a medical meltdown. The American Sleep Foundation reports that sleep deprivation, not cancer or coronary illness, now constitutes the number one killer in the Western World.

This 2-part documentary series is the first to feature the cutting edge science behind why most of us are sleep deprived and the dramatic effect this is having on both our bodies and our lives. It details the frightening reality that tiredness is now a sinister killer that’s spreading like a pandemic through today’s 24/7 activity-driven Society.

Watch the full feature one-hour video of Dead Tired Part-1 at the SBS blog

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