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I chanced on this great find today when searching through for something else, and I was immediately impressed. It stopped me in my tracks.

I am astounded at the features, the assistance level and the ease of its use. Plus was really pleased that it could be integrated with my other three favorites – Aweber, Clickbank and Paypal (and more).

Go right now to Digital Access Pass and take a look at all the information about having your own membership site, and we all know the wonderful benefits associated with that!

As well, I had a little glitch with my password (self inflicted), and sent an email to Ravi. He was back to me within a minute. Nice to know.

I am a bit hesitant at listing just a few features here, because I won’t be able to do this service justice by listing a few and therefore leaving out all the others, however, here are just some…

DigitalAccessPass is to Membership Sites, what WordPress is to Blogs.

DAP will plug seamlessly even into your existing web site – whether it is a plain ol’ HTML-based web site, a WordPress blog that you already have and just wish to protect existing content, or whether it is a completely new membership site that you wish to launch.

You already know how easy it is to automate your email marketing by using an email autoresponder. Once you set up the autoresponder sequence, it keeps doing your marketing for months together, without you ever having to manually send out a single email.

Now imagine doing the same with your content.

Ravi calls it a “ContentResponder”. Set up the sequence of content once – like Blog Post 1 goes out on Day #1, PDF Report 1 goes out on Day #7, Audio File 1 goes out on Day #14 – just like you would configure a pre-written sequence of emails.

You don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate email autoresponder script or service. The feature is built right in. Simply set it up just like you would set it up on Aweber or Getresponse.

Of course, if you wish to continue using a service like Aweber for their higher email delivery rates, then skip this feature that comes with DAP, and just have all your members also get added to your Aweber autoresponder. So use DAP to drip content, and continue to use Aweber/Getresponse to drip your emails.

When your membership site is powered by DAP, every member is automatically enrolled as an “Affiliate”.

You probably know how most membership sites work – the day you stop cancel your subscription, you suddenly go from being “dear customer” to “stingy sucker”.

You get thrown out of the site, you lose access to the affiliate links, and you lose access to all those months of content that you paid for!

DAP lets you put a COMPLETELY new twist on this “screw your ex-customers” policy that most membership site owners have.

Using DAP, your members can now access the content that they paid for, even after they have cancelled their subscription!

Not only that – they retain access to their affiliate link and affiliate revenues. And since you were generous and did not screw them out of all that content that they actually paid for, they can – and probably will – continue to promote your web site, and keep bringing you new members.

And since they can also continue receiving emails from you, you can continue dripping emails on them about new content being added to your membership site, and you can slowly attract them and cajole them and excite them into coming back and becoming a member again.

And now the really cool thing that DAP lets you do is – when your members come back, they pick up right where they left off (and not where all of the other paying customers are).

So if they were a member for 3 months, and cancelled after that, and they came back after 6 months, they join back right where they left off – which is month #4 (and not month #10, where all of those other members are who continued paying you for those 6 months while this member was away).

So DAP makes sure no sneaky customer can cancel in between for a few (say 6) months, come back, and get content from those 6 months for free – which is unfair to those other paying members.

All of the above is only the tip of the iceberg with Digital Access Pass. You really must do yourself the huge favor of hopping over to the site and watch the video, plus read all the listed features.

I now need to get to work on finishing my book and getting the membership site set up with Digital Access Pass, and then with a whole bunch of my other content.

Ravi’s wonderful resource has really got me quite thrilled about all the amazing possibilities and opportunities available. I am so looking forward to setting up Digital Access Pass and then distributing all my content to my visitors in this way.

It is also a fantastic way to finally organize all the material that I have, and on which I have spent hours, days, months and years. It’s a fantastic way to give visitors access in an organized fashion, rather than having my readers discover bits of my great content by accident and needing to remember to revisit my site.

Digital Access Pass to me, has available what the perfect membership site would have available, both for the member and for the administrator. Thank you Ravi, (and I haven’t even started using it, however I know how great programs and software should look!)

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