July 12th 2009, are you in Melbourne, Australia?

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A few evenings ago, I thoroughly enjoyed staying up till 2:30am and watching an epic game of Wimbledon tennis. It was such a pleasure to see Roger Federer reach this pinnacle in his career, apologies to Andy Roddick fans! I too like Andy, however I really wanted Roger to break all those tennis records with that one game. You can learn a lot by observing his career, in fact, by observing the career of any highly accomplished person who has achieved amazing personal victories.

Then, last week Thursday here in Perth, Australia, I had the pleasure of going to see Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon, live. Theirs is the first ever album I bought, with saved pocket money (in 1973 that was a long time saving). Yes, it’s an LP record on vinyl, and I still have it if my sister has looked after it! The concert night was such fun, and I truly felt a part of something historic, just as with the Wimbledon match. I was in awe of the incredible talent on display, including the other musicians that shared the stage.

Ten years ago, if someone had said to me that in 2009 I would be living in Perth, watching Simon and Garfunkel on stage, with two friends I did not yet know, I probably would have thought they were nuts to even suggest it. If they had added that I would be writing about that concert for a large list of readers from my personal website, I would have thought, “Totally impossible”. I had sent my very first email only around 9 years ago! Consider this experience, when reflecting on your own life as you think of your personal dreams, and their possibility of fruition. A space of 24-hours IS a very long time! John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”.

By the way, when did you last visit Forward Steps? The site has changed, plus there are also a couple of new videos at the Inspiring Videos page as well as a couple of minor changes at the 50 Free Gifts link. In addition, I include a set of Monthly Special Features on the home page at Forward Steps, you’ll see them in a slide. As well as all that, now Forward Steps has a new self-hosted WordPress blog, which serves as my main blog. Do go and take a look at each of those links, if you have a few moments for that.

Lastly, on July 12th 2009, are you in Melbourne, Australia? Then book your ticket for this unique Music And The Arts Event [PDF], to raise funds for Marysville after the horrific February bushfires. Greg (my partner) will be there, and Lucas Barr (Greg’s step-son, who has flown down from Germany) organized the event. Give them both a big hug for me if you attend! Greg and Lucas would love to meet you. Tell them you’re one of my Forward Steps friends. All proceeds go towards developing music and the arts in Marysville.

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