Personal And Professional Transformation

Everyone wants something that is new, better and different. I am often asked this question – Where do I start to bring the positive change in my life ?

Usually my answer is that Success is a system… it is a process. And I explain this with the help of 5 pillars that I created to bring the personal and professional transformation in the lives of people.

The Five Pillars Are –


Nothing in this world happens without INSPIRATION, it is a fuel for the action in our lives.

ACTION is the natural byproduct of Inspiration. Get clear on what are your goals and take “ACTIONS” accordingly. So what is ONE opportunity on which you must take ACTION right now?

When you are coming form a place of inspired action…Your PURPOSE shows up. What is that you are passionate doing? Ask yourself – Why do I do what I do. THAT IS YOUR PURPOSE.

Once you know what is ‘the contribution’ you want to make to the world your VISION becomes Clear and Big. If you knew you could not fail…. What would you like to do?

When your Vision becomes clear you need to EXECUTE. Get off one task that is draining the energy out of you. Outsource the task that you dislike doing most and this way your productivity will increase.

Incorporate these 5 pillars in your life to bring personal and professional transformation.

Source: Five pillars to personal and professional transformation by Ted McGrath
Watch Ted’s video at the original blog.

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