Work On Where You Focus Your Thoughts

Start using the tools you will find at this Program Your Mind page. Do your best to already “feel” like you have already achieved your goal. The more feeling (or energy) you put into it , the more effective will be the session. In some cases the effectiveness can be enhanced by 500%! For some people concentrating on the “thought” that you have already achieved your goal, may be more effective. Try them both, see which one is more natural for you.

Using it is simple. You just have to use this Program Your Mind website every day (preferably at the same time of day). Click on the “Next” button, near the lower-right of the blue area. Choose or type in the command you want to embed into your subconscious mind, choose how long you want the session to last, click the “Next” button again, and enjoy the show. After a while (depending on the time you chose) the movie will end, so you can return to your regular stuff or you can start another session.

You can’t get stuck in hypnosis, you are going to remain conscious all the time, so in case of an emergency you can snap out of it or any time you want to! And there are no side effects, don’t worry.

If you choose to input your own commands, then make sure that you write your commands in a positive way.(Example: Instead of using, “Don’t be sad”, use “Be happy” or, instead of “Don’t be a looser”, write “Be a winner”).

If you do this regularly each and every day for a few weeks, and fuel it by emotions I believe that you will certainly see major improvements in the quality of your life.

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